How To Wash Soccer Goalie Jerseys

Some soccer goalie jerseys can be expensive, so learning how to wash soccer goalie jerseys may be a good investment. Soccer goalie jerseys need to be washed with care to ensure that they last the amount of time that you need them to last. Here are a few steps that will help you wash your soccer goalie jerseys:

  1. Follow the instructions. Make sure that you follow the washing instructions that come on the tag of your soccer goalie jersey .
  2. Wash your goalie jersey immediately. Clothes tend to sit in the hamper until it is time to wash that load. However, for soccer clothing, you should try to wash the jersey right away. Do not let it set for days on end as this will leave lasting effects. This goes especially for jerseys that have stains. If there are things like mud or grass stains, those stains should be taken care of, washed and removed immediately.
  3. Pre-treat stains. Make sure to pre-treat these stains before washing them. Dab some detergent or stain-remover on them before washing. This will help ensure that the stain is removed when it is washed.
  4. Turn your goalie jersey inside out. Before washing, the jersey should be flipped inside out so that things like names and numbers on it aren’t damaged.
  5. Hang your soccer jersey instead of ironing. It is advisable to hang the jersey instead of ironing. Also avoid ironing the designs on the jersey as this will damage them. If you really want to iron the jersey, turn it inside out and iron it. Be careful not to iron over the designs when doing this.
At this point, the soccer goalie jersey is clean and ready to use. These steps for washing goalie jerseys may be troublesome at first, but after a while they will become second nature. Knowing how to properly wash your soccer goalie jerseys will ensure that your jerseys last for a long period of time.
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