How To Wash Soccer Goalie Shorts

If you are a new soccer player or care for one, you'll need to learn how to wash soccer goalie shorts. This essential part of a soccer player's uniform is one of the easiest to soil on the field, as there is a lot of running, dodging, protecting the goal and practice. The goalie sometimes has to get more messy than other players in his efforts to make sure that a ball doesn't get past him. It doesn't help that many teams have light-colored goalie shorts. Have no fear; it's not as difficult to clean goalie shorts as you may think.

  1. First, you don't want to leave the soccer shorts just lying around after the game. As soon as a player gets home, he should immerse them in water with a stain remover or detergent, if they cannot be washed immediately. If possible, wash them right away. However, there are some exceptions.
  2. If the soccer goalie shorts have dirt on them—not the muddy kind, but simple dirtbrush off the dirt, then send them through the washer. This prevents the dirt from getting caked on in the wash. It also prevents it from setting into fibers and causing worse problems.
  3. Do not wash goalie shorts if they have mud on them. Caked-on mud needs to dry before any cleaning is attempted. Then, when the mud is fully dry, simply attempt to peel the dried mud off the shorts, then wash them. This will prevent dirt stains from setting in. However, make sure to address any possibly stained areas before sending them through the regular wash. Failing to do so can result in the setting in of a nasty dirt stain, potentially ruining the uniform and causing an unnecessary replacement expense.
  4. Make sure to avoid directly handling the soccer goalie shorts if there is blood on them from an accident on the field. Don't touch the blood directly. Carefully and thoroughly clean the blood stain using stain remover products, then run the shorts twice through the washer, once with bleach.
  5. Send the soccer goalie shorts through the washer a second time, making sure to bleach the shorts if they are all white. If they are partially white, another color or mixed colors, be sure to use color-safe bleach. This will make sure that the uniform looks nice and fresh when the soccer player next goes on the field. No player wants to wear partially clean or unkempt clothing, after all. Take the extra time to send the shorts through the wash twice, as soccer goalie shorts need thorough cleaning.
  6. Follow the instructions on the label. It's safe to tumble dry most soccer goalie shorts, then hang them up. They'll be ready for the next game, thus starting the process all over again. Be sure to celebrate the soccer accomplishments that make all these steps well worth it!
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