How To Wash Tae Kwon Do Uniforms

Need to know how to wash Tae Kwon Do uniforms? Tae Kwon Do uniforms are a little bit pricey and when you are training in them they tend to get pretty filthy, pretty fas. You do not want to ruin the uniform, so here is how to wash Tae Kwon Do Uniforms. Washing the uniform properly will help prolong the uniforms life span.

  1. Depending on whether or not the Tae Kwon Do uniform is black or white makes a difference in what you will use to clean the uniform. Never use bleach on a black uniform. If the uniform is white, you can use bleach as long is there is no coloring on the uniform. You do not have to use bleach though, but it will really keep the white uniform looking really white and brand new.
  2. If the uniform is black you can use color safe bleach to wash the uniform, or you can use regular laundry detergents. Just keep bleach far away when washing the uniform. Softener can be an option if you like softener on clothing. Without softener you get a better snap in the uniform, however this option is entirely your decision.
  3. You can dry the uniform as you would any other article of clothing. To keep wrinkles away try to remove the uniform while it is still slightly damp, but near dry. When the uniform is dry, keep it neatly folded in your dresser, or hang it in your closet.


  • Never ever wash your belt.
  • To release any wrinkles that may have stuck behind in the Tae Kwon Do uniform, you can always use fabric wrinkle release sprays.



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