How To Wash Tripp Pants

Need to know how to wash Tripp pants? Tripp pants can have chains, zippers, grommets or studs and come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Depending on which style you own, the method for how to wash Tripp pants may vary.

  1. Determine your Tripp pants' fabric. These pants can be made from cotton, nylon, vinyl or other fabric blends. If you're unsure of which of of Tripp pants you have, check the size tag located inside the pants.
  2. Take off any removable chains. Tripp pants can have chains, straps or suspenders that can be detached before washing. Other embellishments, like zippers. metal studs or grommets cannot be removed.
  3. Machine wash cotton Tripp pants. Most cotton Tripp pants can be safely washed in cold water. If you have a pair where the suspenders can't be removed, you may opt to hand wash your pants.  Avoid putting Tripp pants with suspenders in a washing machine they may become tangled around other clothes or twisted around the center column of the washer.
  4. Machine dry cotton Tripp pants. After washing, cotton Tripp pants can be dried in a machine dryer on a "low" setting. Be forewarned, metal hardware can be hot when it comes out of the dryer!
  5. Hang other Tripp pants to dry. Some Tripp pants (polyester or nylon blends) can be dried by laying on a flat surface or hung out to dry.
  6. Hand wash the chains. Tripp pants' chains can get pretty grimy. To clean them, fill a sink with lukewarm water mixed with detergent. After washing the chains, lay them out to dry or wipe them dry with a soft cloth.



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