How To Wash Turtleskin Search Gloves

Do you need to learn how to wash Turtleskin Search Gloves? These puncture resistant gloves are made with special interlocking aramid fibers. All Turtleskin gloves are strong enough to prevent needle sticks, cuts and other hazards associated with police searches. To learn how to correctly clean your Turtleskin Search Gloves and keep them in excellent condition, read through the steps below.

  1. Clean according to police or search & rescue protocols. Before washing your Turtleskin gloves, you'll need to take the proper infection control precautions as set forth by your employing police department. This usually involves removing visible soil, foreign objects or body fluids.
  2. Wash Turtleskin Search Gloves in a washing machine. The gloves should be washed on the "gentle cycle" using a mild laundry detergent. Never use bleach when washing your search gloves as it could damage the protective layers.
  3. Dry the gloves in a dryer. You can safely dry the search gloves at a "low heat" setting for about 40 minutes, or until they are dry. advises against over-drying or drying them in the sun.
  4. Store your Turtleskin Search Gloves properly. These gloves should be stored in cool place in between uses. Do not leave the gloves out where they will be exposed to fluorescent light or sunlight.


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