How To Wash Underwear

It should go without saying, but every single dude out there who wants to get laid for the rest of his life needs to know how to wash underwear. If your boxer briefs have skid marks or your tightie-whities are more of  a dingy grey with yellow "polka dots", they are never going to wind up on any chick's bedroom floor. Most guys who are successful with quality women know this, and how to wash underwear properly. You hygienically challenged bachelors could take a lesson from them because the turning your boxers inside out every couple of days trick isn't fooling girls! You wouldn't want girls to do that with their panties now, would you?

We are sure your mom always told you to wear clean underwear, and if she washed them for you, you probably did. But now that you are a big boy, you need to know how to wash underwear. Here are a few conventional, and creative ways to keep them skivvies fresh!

  1.  Use A Good Detergent – Bachelors are known for being resourceful, which is a good thing, but not when in comes to how you wash underwear. Do not improvise by using dish washing liquids or shampoo to wash your underwear. Use a good laundry detergent and if necessary a stain remover.
  2. Pre-soaking – Some times it is necessary to pre soak a heavily soiled under garment prior to the wash. Underwear are prone to many more, ummm, elements, than the rest of your wardrobe and often need a little extra attention.
  3. New Underwear – Guys who have difficulties with the first two methods may want to not only learn how to wash underwear, but look into some advanced toilet etiquette as well. If you still can't get your underwear reasonably clean then the problem more than likely stems from your, shall we say "personal cleansing" practices. Just do your best to stay clean and buy yourself a fresh new pack of drawers every month.
  4. Self Washing Underwear – When all else has failed, the lazy and hygienically challenged bachelor can turn to the wonders of science. Believe it or not there is soon to be a self washing fabric so you'll never have to wash your underwear! There's also a new spray on underwear designed for professional athletes that will will eventually be available to the public soon.
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