How To Wash Vintage Baseball Hats

To know how to wash vintage baseball hats, check inside the hats for washing directions. A vintage hat probably will probably not have a care label, but it is best to check before washing just in case special directions have been provided. Vintage baseball hats, depending on how old the vintage hats are, will be made of wool. This means extra care is required to wash them without causing damage. You can choose from two ways to wash your hat depending on the value you place on the ball cap. While not the recommended method, you can put the hat in a baseball hat form to protect it and launder in cold water, with the washing machine set on the delicate setting. However, hand washing is the best option, because you have more control when the hat is in your hands. Follow washing with air drying regardless of the washing method you choose.

To hand wash a vintage baseball hat the supplies you need to gather are:

  • Stain remover stick (optional)
  • Washbasin
  • Cold water
  • Wool wash liquid detergent-Make sure the detergent you select does not have chlorine bleach added because chlorine will damage vintage wool hats.
  • Soft bristled brush 
  • Baseball hat laundering form

After you collect the washing supplies, the steps to follow for washing a vintage hat are:

  1.  Inspect the hat, especially the inside brim that touches the head, looking for sweat stains.
  2. Smear a thin layer of stain remover from the stain stick on any visible stains. Let the stain remover settle into the stains for a minimum of fifteen minutes before washing.
  3. Fill the washbasin with cold water and a dose of detergent, then soak the hat in the mixture for at least one hour.
  4. Slosh the hat back and forth through the water for one minute.
  5. Gently rub the hat all over with the scrub brush, paying special attention to any noticeable stains. Make sure the water is cold for scrubbing, because scrubbing wool fibers in hot water damages them.
  6. Put the hat in the laundering form and let it air dry in a well-ventilated area until it is completely dry.

Carefully washing your vintage baseball hats will make them last longer, giving you more time to enjoy wearing or collecting them.

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