How To Wash Vintage Denim Shirts

Have you ever wondered how to wash vintage denim shirts? There's nothing quite like the feel of a vintage denim shirt on your body. It gives the term "old slippers" new meaning! Most vintage denim shirts are made from cotton, so are easy to care of and easy to wash. If you collect denim shirts or this is the first one you've purchased, follow these steps and you'll be wearing your new shirt in no time.

Things you'll need to wash vintage denim shirts:

  • Woolite or another gentle detergent
  • Dryer rack or sturdy hangers
  • Large towels
  • Laundry tub 
  1. Wash a vintage denim shirt in cold or lukewarm water. Although most denim shirts are cotton, by the time you wash one, it will have been washed many times.
  2. Just to be sure, wash the vintage shirt on a gentle cycle in a washing machine. If the denim shirt is very old, the fabric fibers may not be as durable as when it was brand new. Washing a vintage denim shirt on the gentle cycle will protect the fibers from tearing.
  3. If you prefer, the denim shirt can be soaked in a tub of lukewarm water with a little bit of detergent. Wash by hand, swirling the shirt around in the water after allowing it to soak for about 30 minutes.
  4. Put the vintage shirt through a rinse cycle to remove all soapsuds. Alternatively, rinse a vintage shirt the bathtub or laundry sink, gently wringing it by hand until the water runs clear.
  5. Protect your vintage denim shirt after rinsing by hanging it on a dryer rack or on a hanger to dry. It's always nice to hang a denim shirt outside, but be aware of the sun. Sun damage may bleach out the color. If the denim shirt feels like it is hardly used and in good condition, feel free to dry it in the dryer on a low heat.
  6. Iron a vintage denim shirt carefully after it is dry. Now is the time to put it on. You'll most likely never want to take it off because a vintage denim shirt is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Although these old denim shirts seem tough and durable, they can get thread-bare and thin. To make sure you preserve your vintage shirt, handle it with care.

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