How To Wash A Vintage Felt Hat

Want to know how to wash a vintage felt hat with ease? Felt is made from wool that has been pounded, rolled and dried, causing the wool to shrink into durable felt. Felt is then made into blankets, pool table covers, slippers, hats and other items. Luckily, a vintage felt hat is fairly easy to wash.

Materials you'll need:

  • Cold water
  • White cloth
  • Hand-held steamer
  • Cleanser designed for felt
  • Dry sponge
  1. Dust your hat regularly with a dry sponge. Felt seems to collect dust because its fibers are so thick. By dusting regularly with a dry sponge you will prevent the amount of washings the vintage felt hat will need.
  2. Check to see if the vintage felt hat has a care label. Some felt hats can be washed by hand with cold water and a white cloth. If there is no care label, it is best not to risk damage to the vintage felt hat. When you wash a vintage felt hat, the hat can shrink and dyes can run, so you must take proper care.
  3. Freshen the vintage felt hat by using a hand-held steamer. Follow up by using a clothes brush or a brush attachment for the steamer. This is sometimes all the vintage felt hat will need to make its appearance look better.
  4. Blot spills immediately with an absorbent white cloth. Cleansers designed for felt hats can be useful when tackling greasy stains and fingerprints. It is easy to wash a vintage felt hat when following these steps!



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