How To Wash A Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Wondering how to wash a vintage motorcycle leather jacket? Vintage leather requires great care to prevent the leather from cracking. Many specialized cleaning products on the market are designed specifically for this purpose.

Things you'll need to wash a leather jacket:

  • Rags
  • Special leather soap (a few choice cleaners are listed below and remember to test in an inconspicuous area of the leather first)
  • Clean area designated for drying time
  1. Saddle Soap. Purchase Saddle Soap at an equestrian store or purchase the product online. Use a rag to apply the saddle soap. Follow with a clean rag to make sure all the dirt, grease and oil are removed.
  2. Nikwax. This spray-on cleaner is great for removing dirt, mold, insects and grease. Use a damp cloth to remove loose soil, etc. Spray over all areas of the leather jacket. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface clean.
  3. Leather Therapy Wash. Spray on the affected area. Wipe off with a clean cloth.
  4. Leather stores. Many smaller leather stores will professionally repair or clean your leather for you. Check your directory to find leather stores in or around your area. Be prepared to pay for this service.

To remove the smell of mildew:

  1. Combine equal portions of water and rubbing alcohol. Wipe the affected area(s) of the vintage motorcycle leather jacket with the mixture. Allow the mixture to dry.

Clean your vintage motorcycle leather jacket using one of the cleaning agents listed above. Follow the instructions on the package. Hang the cleaned vintage motorcycle leather jacket in a secure area to dry. Store your leather jacket on a hanger in a dry area when not in use.



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