How To Wash Vintage Work Shirt

When you know how to wash a vintage work shirt, it will last longer and look its best. Whether it's a 1950s gas station shirt or a 1970s plaid, authentic vintage work shirts are all the rage, and you just look cool in one. Pay careful attention to how you wash your vintage shirts because the fabric is likely to be old, and the seams can’t take much stress.

To wash your vintage work shirt, you will need:

  • A needle and thread (optional)
  • Stain remover spray
  • A gentle liquid laundry detergent
  • A padded hanger
  1. Inspect your shirt for any weak seams, rips or the beginning of holes. Repair any of these before washing. Check the pockets of your shirt and empty them.
  2. Wash your work shirt by itself. If you can’t stand wasting water like that, wash it only with other garments that are color fast, and in the same light, dark or colored category. Make sure that you don’t wash your vintage work shirt with other garments that have zippers or Velcro that may catch.
  3. Inspect your shirt for stains. Pretreat any stains by spraying them with stain remover spray and letting them sit for about five minutes.
  4. Fill your washing machine with cold water. Put in a very gentle laundry detergent in the amount recommended on the label.
  5. Place your vintage work shirt in the washer. Run it through the complete gentle cycle. Tumble dry your work shirt on a low temperature setting.

Hang your vintage work shirt on a padded hanger, which is less stressful to the shoulder seams than a regular hanger. Have fun hanging out in your coolest of retro fashion garments.



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