How To Wash White Soccer Socks

Want to learn how to wash white soccer socks? It's one thing to leave a game with dirty white soccer socks but no one wants to start the game that way. Walking onto the field in dirty socks makes you look like you don't care about your appearance–or even worse– that you didn't wash your them after the last game. Knowing how to wash white soccer socks may take a few extra minutes but it's worth it to look good when you first step out onto the field.

Things you will need to wash white soccer socks:

  • Water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  1. Pre-wash. Fill the sink with warm water, once the sink is full add a few drops of laundry detergent and a cap full of bleach. Mix the water and bleach around in the water with your hand to make sure that the laundry detergent and the bleach are completely dissolved in the water. Let your socks soak in the water for fifteen to twenty minutes to loosen the dirt that is clinging to the fibers. The water will open up the fibers to help the bleach and laundry detergent flow freely through and release the dirt. If your socks have colored stripes on them use color safe bleach, which will get them clean without damaging any of the other colors.
  2. Empty the dirty water. Drain the dirty sock water out of the sink. When the water has been drained, wring the dirty water out of the socks and transfer them to the washing machine. Do not try to scrub any of the remaining dirt out of your white soccer socks, because that will embed the dirt deeper into the fibers and make them harder to wash. Be sure to only wash them with other white clothing; other colors can cause color bleeding.
  3. Add one cup of laundry detergent and one cup of bleach. Turn your washer to its "Heavy Duty" setting. This setting uses more water during the wash cycle in efforts to push more water into the fabric to get rid of tough stains. Turn on your washer and let it wash your white soccer socks.
  4. Check for stains. If you see any remaining dirt or stains on your white soccer socks when they come out of the washer, you can wash them again with another cup of bleach and laundry detergent until they are as bright as you want them. Make sure all of the stains are gone before putting them into the dryer the heat from the dryer can cause stains to become permanent. Once you're satisfied, they can go into the dryer.
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