How To Wash Wool Cardigan Sweaters

Why is it so important to learn how to wash wool cardigan sweaters? Because even though sheep don’t shrink in the rain, their shorn fleece which we turn into wool will shrink and warp in the wash. A grown man’s cardigan sweater can emerge looking like a child’s after ten minutes in your washing machine. And if you accidentally dry a wool cardigan sweater in your clothes dryer, you’ll end up with something resembling an odd looking hat. To wash wool cardigan sweaters without shortening or sliming their design, you must watch out for the water temperature, then subject the wool to a special stretching treatment that will extend the wet fibers prior to drying, then set them in the shape you desire. Here’s how to wash wool cardigan sweaters safely and as often as you like.

What you’ll need to wash wool cardigan sweaters:

  • Sink or bucket
  • Mild liquid detergent
  • 2 large towels
  • Large garbage bag
  1. How to wet wool cardigan sweaters? Washing several wool cardigan sweaters together can cause wool dye to bleed from one sweater on to another. Therefore, always wash wool cardigan sweaters separately. Fill a sink or bucket halfway with very cold water. Mix in a spoon of mild liquid detergent and stir well. Close the buttons or zipper before you wash the cardigan sweater, then press it gently into the water. If you push the cardigan sweater in too quickly, the water will gush out before the thick wool has time to absorb it.
  2. How to wash wool cardigan sweaters? For a gentle wash to refresh the look and smell of your cardigan sweaters leave each garment in the water for ten minutes, stirring gently occasionally. If you have a stain on your wool cardigan sweater, do not try to rub the stain out as this will fray the wool and leave a noticeable mark on your sweater. Instead, pour detergent directly onto the wet stain and wait five minutes before immersing the stain in water to see if it has lifted. For tough stains dip the stain alone in hot water, then coat the area with a stain removing agent and leave for two minutes before dipping in hot water again.
  3. How to rinse wool cardigan sweaters? Fish the wool cardigan sweater out of the bucket or sink and gently squeeze out as much water as you can without wringing the sweater. Fill the sink or bucket with clean cold water and wash the wool cardigan sweater again to lift out the detergent. Stir the sweater in the water, then fish it out and repeat this step until the water remains clean without traces of soap residue or bubbles.
  4. How to prepare wool cardigan sweaters for drying? The most vital aspect of washing wool cardigan sweaters involves drying them. If you take shortcuts at this stage, your washed wool cardigan sweater may never look the same again. First, avoid the temptation to wring your sweater dry. The action of twisting the sweater will warp and stretch it abnormally. Squeeze as much water out as you can, then give the wool cardigan sweater a nice shape by holding it at the shoulders.
  5. How to dry wool cardigan sweaters? Spread a dry towel on the floor or on a table protected against moisture by a large plastic bag. Lay the wool cardigan sweater over the towel exactly as it would sit on your body if you were wearing it. Next, cover the sweater with a second dry towel and leave the wool cardigan sweater to dry for two days.
  6. How to air out wool cardigan sweaters? Lift the wool cardigan sweater out of its towel wrap and allow it to air dry by resting it on the back of a chair covered with a dry towel.


  • When you wash wool cardigan sweaters don’t be surprised by the unpleasant smell they exude while wet. This is simply the smell of wet wool. Once the garment dries the smell will disappear.
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