How To Watch Full Episodes Of ‘NCIS’ Online

Find out how to watch full episodes of "NCIS" online by visiting the legitimate websites listed below. Some of these sites offer free episodes. Others require payment of some sort. Remember to always stick with sites that you know and trust. Keep your anti-virus software up to date on your computer in case you accidentally come across a malicious site. Do not download anything to watch a free episode of "NCIS," as these downloads can contain malware.

To watch full episodes of "NCIS" online on

  1. Visit the CBS site for "NCIS." Toward the bottom of the page you can find a couple of the latest episodes that are available in full episode format, or choose to "see more" and find a couple of other choices from earlier in the season. The rest are just clips and teasers.
  2. Click on the episode you wish to watch. Wait for the commercial to pass and you will be able to watch the episode.

To watch full episodes of "NCIS" online at TV Guide:

  1. Visit the "NCIS" page at TV Guide. They have a special option that filters full episodes from teasers, and indicate paid options with a "$$$" symbol.
  2. Click on the episode you wish to watch. The latest season's available episodes will start automatically on the next page.
  3. Don't bother with the ones that redirect you to Netflix. At this point, Netflix is not offering "NCIS" through its "Watch Instantly" option. You have to request the DVDs, and this can only be done with your paid subscription.

To watch full episodes of "NCIS" online on Sidereel:

  1. Do a search for "NCIS" on the Sidereel website. Choose which version of the series you wish to watch. Currently available are "NCIS," the original series, and the spin-off in LA. Soon there will also be a new spin-off available when the NY spin-off starts.
  2. Click on the episode you wish to watch to be taken to choices of platforms on which to watch it. Pick a site to watch from and be taken directly to that episode.
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