How To Watch Full Episodes Of ‘True Blood’ Online

How to watch full episodes of "True Blood" online is a hard task due to so many web sites asking for paid subscriptions or prompting annoying surveys in order to view their content. Well, what if I told you there was one source where it would stop your aimless searching? Here's how you do it:

You need:

  • Adobe Javascript (Free Download)

  1. Download the Free Adobe Javascript download if you do not have it on your computer.
  2. Go to and search for "True Blood." is a directory for a collection of television streams from all over the internet and provides the best source for streaming television online.
  3. Click on the directory for "True Blood" episodes. All of the "True Blood" episodes for every season is listed for you.
  4. Select the episode you would like to watch by clicking on the green plus sign ("+") next to the title of your chosen episode. A list of different streaming links will appear for you to choose from once you click.
  5. Click on one of the links to start the stream of your choice. The streaming links that are on Megavideo are highly recommended, because they are more reliable than the other streams. Plus, you can view up to 72 minutes of free streaming which equals to at least one episode of True Blood.
  6. Click on the Megavideo stream. Once the video pops up, there will be a "Play" arrow (">") button to press. It will generate one pop-up ad, but you are not obligated to click on any of the services the pop-up provides; it is only there for the advertising, so you can close it.
  7. Watch the episode!

It's as easy as that! Enjoy the show! "True Blood" is one of the hottest shows right now, so make sure you don't miss an episode.

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