How To Watch ‘Gossip Girl’ On Megavideo

Not everyone can watch 'Gossip Girl' at the time that it airs so learning how to watch 'Gossip Girl' on megavideo really has its benefits. With megavideo you can bypass all of the commercials and enjoy the show in its totality. Megavideo typically requires you to pay to use its premium services, but there are sites that feature direct links to shows where you do not need to pay. Here are a few steps that will get you watching 'Gossip Girl' on megavideo in no time.

To watch "Gossip Girl" on megavideo, you will need:

  • computer
  • Internet
  • antiviurs/spyware
  1. Start by going to sites that show TV shows online. is a great site and is similar to Hulu in some respects.
  2. Click the TV show tab and type in "Gossip Girl". Once you have done this a list of seasons and episodes should appear on your screen. The latest episode will be first, decide which episode you would like to watch and click on the "see all links" button. This will give you list of possible places to view the 'Gossip Girl' episode that you want to see. Click on the megavideo link.
  3. Once you are directed to the megavideo site you have to click the red button in the middle of the screen. Clicking this button will generate a pop up. Close this pop up and wait for the button to turn green then click it again. Your 'Gossip Girl' episode should begin playing.
  4. Run antivirus/spyware protection. Immediately once you have entered this site run your antivirus/spyware protection program. Megavideo is not typically known for causing problems and infecting computers, but you can never be too sure these days.

Now that you know how to watch "Gossip Girl" on megavideo, you can catch up on all the latest episodes that you have missed.

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