How To Watch Internet Movies With Dial Up

Dial-up users can experience the full benefits of the internet by learning how to watch internet movies with dial up. We all love to watch our favorite movies from time to time, and with technology such as a computer and Internet we are now allowed to watch it anywhere. However, due to certain location restrictions, only dial-up Internet service is available for those who live on mountains or in the country. So how do you watch your favorite movies with dial-up Internet? Well these easy steps will show you how.

Items needed:

  • Speedbit Video Accelerator Download
  • Adobe Flash Player Download
  1. Start by navigating to the Adobe Flash Player download page and follow the instructions to complete the downloading process. Why? Adobe Flash Player is the program that allows a person to view videos on the web.
  2. Next follow the same procedure with Speedbit Video Accelerator and complete the download for this program, which will help to buffer the speed of the video while the video is being watched.
  3. Once both programs have finished downloading, close any computer programs that you have open. When more than one program is open, the program will use a lot of the computer's memory, which can also slow down the dial up connection.
  4. Locate the website where you would like to view your favorite video, and once the video has been located click the "play" icon. The Speedbit program will detect that you want to watch a video and a message stating "Video is being accelerated" will be displayed.


  • To enhance watching your favorite videos, try to watch them during times when not many people are on the Internet, such as during the weekday when most people will be at work. The video will run smoother and the speed will be less affected.
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