How To Watch Movies Online For Free

How to watch movies online for free in the comfort of your own home is easy. Out of the millions of website claiming you can watch free movies, only a few are legitimate. Here are some safe websites to watch movies online for free.

To watch movies online for free, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Audio speakers
  • Adobe Flashplayer
  1. Xfinity TV-To watch movies online for free, Xfinity TV provide access to various movies and TV networks such as HBO, TBS and Cinemax. Xfinity TV is part of Comcast's online cable service and only Comcast subscribers has access to its free movies and channels located on the website.
  2. Black and White Movies– For classic movie lovers, allows users to watch free old movies online. These movies are in several categories, ranging from romance to horror, and all the films are public domain making it free and legal to download to your computer.
  3. Awooh– The website has numerous lists of older films, including newly released movies for viewers to see without going to a movie theatre. Awhooh also provides movie trailers and three different links to stream movies, redirecting you to see the film of your choice.
  4. I Am Sandman– At this website, you can stream movies online free. The only requirement is Adobe Flash player and the movie is shown immediately without downloading. Unlike some free movie sites, you can skip signing up for any online surveys and offers and watch a movie. Keep in mind it may take a week to get the requested movie you wish to see in some instances.
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