How To Watch Movies Online At Megavideo

If know you want to learn how to watch movies online at Megavideo, an account is required. Creating the account is the easy part; the hard part is watching movies without having a time limit. Megavideo has a time limit set to make users pay for the service, which makes it not particularly pleasant to wait to see a favorite TV series or video.

First-time users are allowed to see movies without an account, but not without a time limit of 70 minutes.

Required tools:

  • A computer

  1. Choose a movie. It can be a single movie or more than one movie. It does not matter if the number of videos chosen for viewing goes over the 70-minute limit as long the steps below are followed. There is no limit to how many movies you can watched!

  2. Play the video. Once the movie is loaded and ready to play, click the "Pause" button. It might take a while for the movie/video to upload, but the movie has to be uploaded at 100 percent before you continue.

  3. Manipulate the system. With the movie loaded, go to browser's menu bar and select "Work Offline." This will cut off the internet connection to Megavideo. Do not close the windows which the movies have been opened.

  4. Success. Because the movie has been loaded but the internet connection to Megavideo has been turned off, the online system can no longer verify your watching time to set a time limit. Now the movie can be fully watched without any interference. Once a movie has ended, the next movie can play and so on.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Before turning off the internet connection, the movie has to be loaded at 100 percent. If not, the movie will stop at how far it has been loaded or not play at all.
  • After watching the movie(s), remember to establish the network connection again.



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