How To Watch ‘NCIS’ Season 5 Finale Online

Learning how  to watch "NCIS" Season on 5 online can help you keep up with the important plot points that you missed. and one other site makes episodes of the popular crime drama available over the Internet.

Things You’ll Need to Watch "NCIS" Season Five Online:

  • Adobe Flash Player or a Special Player
  • An Internet Connection
  • Enough memory to handle the system processes.

How to Watch Season "NCIS" Season Five Online:

  1.  Go to and look for links to your favorite shows.  Click on the link  for "NCIS." Many networks put their popular shows available online.
  2. Find the link for season five. You may be disappointed about how easy this process has been so far. The same procedure works for other television shows.
  3. Click the link for the first episode in the season five.  Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari will call up the appropriate program. If  you do not not have the correct program to watch "NCIS" Season Five online installed, a script on the website will tell a you what you need.
  4. Let the episode load and press play.   You may have to watch one or two commercials during the broadcast, but the viewer will not see as many advertisements as he or she would when watching the original episode of the airing.

If you read  this article after "NCIS" Season five airs, you may have to go to Hulu or Megavideo to find the episodes. can help you find out the names of all the episodes. Now you know how to get your fix. Try some of the other excellent crime dramas on other networks.



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