How To Watch Pamela Anderson’s Sex Tape

Here are some tips on how to watch Pamela Anderson's sex tape. Pamela Anderson is arguably the hottest woman ever to take off her clothes. When guys found out she had a sex tape floating around on the internet, you could hear bottles of lubricant popping everywhere. Pamela Anderson's sex tape wasn't shot by some big name director, though you have to wonder why Spielberg didn't offer to do it. The quality of Pamela Anderson's sex tape sucked. But that doesn't matter because Pamela Anderson was in it. All other sex tapes crumble in comparison. The Pamela Anderson sex tape should be displayed at the Smithsonian. It was a trailblazer in starlet's showing their women business to the public. In light of the shear importance of Pamela Anderson's sex, here are some tips in correctly viewing it.

  1. Finding the tape. If you have the internet, you'll be able to locate the tape. Almost any porn site has clips of Pam's infamous tape. Hell, you could probably order the full tape if you fish around the internet for it. So, get to hunting. It's out there and it wants to be found. Make sure you find the Pamela Anderson sex tape that features Tommy Lee and his third leg. The other sex tapes starring Ms Anderson just plain suck.
  2. Putting it on the big screen. If you order the DVD online, make sure you watch it on the big screen at home. Dim the lights, have your lubricant ready and enjoy. Hell, you could even pop some popcorn for those awkward fast forwarding moments that you're sure to engage in. Now, if you've found a copy of it online and you have it stored on your laptop, you're going to have to be more inventive. If you have one of those flat screen joints, all you have to do is plug your laptop into the HDMI port with a, what do you know, HDMI cord. You'll be able to watch Pam and Tommy get it on while suffering through them calling each other "lover" or "baby" about a million and two times. Well, that's what the fast forward button is for.
  3. Don't do surround sound. Seriously, who wouldn't want to hear Pamela Anderson moaning in stereo surround sound. Everyone would. The problem is, the quality of the film is so crappy that you can hear a bunch of wind blowing in the back ground. You're better off just listening through the TV speakers. There's not much to hear anyway.
  4. Inviting friends over. Don't do it. This is some alone time for you, the tape, and your bottle of whatever you use. Plus, how weird is that to be in a room with a bunch of turned on guys without a bunch of high priced strippers? Do yourself a favor and watch it alone.
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