How To Watch ‘Scrubs’ Online At Megavideo

How to watch “Scrubs” online at Megavideo is easy. There is no instructional manual on watching the TV show, just follow the basic directions by browsing around the video sharing website and get to watch different episodes of Dr. Dorian and his friends at Sacred Hospital anytime you wish.

To watch "Scrubs" online at Megavideo, you will need:

  • Internet
  • Internet connection
  • A PC or Mac computer
  • Computer audio speakers
  1. Go to Megavideo. To watch "Scrubs" online at Megavideo, find the search box on the right section of the front page and type in "Scrubs". It is best to type in keywords "Scrubs NBC" or "Scrubs TV show" to narrow down results from everything else with similar names.
  2. Search the video. After typing in "Scrubs” in the search box, browse around to find the episode or season you want to watch. You can also save time by looking at related "Scrubs" videos at the bottom of the screen once you finishing watching an episode.
  3. Click on the video. Use your computer mouse, and click on the “Scrubs” video of your choice. Prior to viewing it, press the green circular button to start streaming the video on your computer monitor. Choose low or high quality to begin watching "Scrubs" videos.


  • Register as a member at Megavideo to get special benefits- earn reward points, view different videos at an higher quality, plus you get the opportunity to upload your own videos, all at no price.
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