How To Watch Television Without Cable

You want to learn how to watch television without cable? Looking for alternative ways to watch television, without having to pay a subscription? The steps you need to take to get TV without cable are clearly stated in the below paragraphs. 

  1. Buy a TV that has a built in tuner. Buy a TV with a built in tuner from an electronic store in your area. These kinds of TVs are standard today, since analog TVs are no longer created. You may not be able to get cable TV with just this unit, but it will pick up local digital stations.
  2. Buy an external TV tuner. An external TV tuner is about $20 to $40 in price and is made to be connected to out dated analog TVs that some people have. Your analog TV will not work, unless you have this attachment connected to it.
  3. Watch TV on the internet. There are software programs online that will allow you to download for free, so that you can watch live programming. It only takes a few minutes to upload the software and once it is saved to your desktop, you'll be surprised the quality of the stations you get. Many times you will get more stations than you would get if you had regular cable TV.
  4. Sign up for satellite TV. Switch from cable to satellite television, if you are tired of cable service. Satellite TV is in most cases cheaper these days because its subscription is not tied to the internet.


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