How To Waterproof Gore-Tex Boots

Pay attention to the fabric and you can really learn how to waterproof Gore-Tex boots to keep them truly clean. Over time, Gore-Tex products can lose their waterproofing, but the reason you wear Gore-Tex products, especially boots, is for their ability to keep you dry while the fabric stays breathable. When you buy Gore-Tex products, like boots, they are waterproof but the waterproofing can fade with time. Learn how to waterproof your Gore-Tex boots to help give them a good, long life.

To waterproof Gore-Tex boots, you will need:

  • synthetic fabric cleaner
  • spray waterproofing medium
  • clothes washer and dryer
  1. Wash the boots. Put the boots in the washing machine with the synthetic fabric cleaner. Wash the boots according to the fabric cleaner product directions. Remove the boots from the washing machine. Check to see if they are thoroughly rinsed before proceeding.
  2. Spray the Gore-Tex boots. Set the wet boots on a table that is covered with newspapers. Do this job outside if possible so the extra mist from the spray does not stay in the house. Use long even strokes, and spray from the top of the boots to the bottom of the boots. Cover all areas thoroughly, especially around the seams.
  3. Dry the boots. Put the Gore-Tex boots in the dryer by themselves. Let the boots tumble on medium heat for one hour. Remove from the dryer.
  4. Check your Gore-Tex boots. From time to time, check to see if your boots are still waterproofed. If not, reapply the waterproofing medium following the steps outlined here.


You can find the needed supplies online or in specialty shoe stores. You can also ask at the store where you buy you're Gore-Tex boots. 

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