How To Wax A Bodyboard

If you just shot over the nose of your brand new board for the umpteenth time, you have to learn how to wax a bodyboard. Wax is the glue that secures you to your ride. A new bodyboard is slick with strange, industrial chemicals that may cause midgetism or some outerworldly deformity, you never know. Plus, whatever that stuff a new board comes slathered in, it is slicker than penguin poop on ice.

To wax a bodyboard, you need:

  • Surf wax
  • A workspace
  1. Understand why you need it. When waxing your bodyboard, think about how you ride. When riding prone at full speed on a wave, you anchor yourself to your board with your nether regions. Technically this would be the lower abdominal area, your hips, plus the meat and potatoes. You will want to make sure you wax these areas. But you should also never forget the upper half of your board. When you drop in, you let the wave suck you up so you can slide in at full speed. As you fall, you grab the upper half and lean forward for momentum to get you into the sweet spot of the wave. If you are riding a brand new board minus the wax, you will go over the falls every time. This is why you need to know how to wax a bodyboard.
  2. Wax on! To wax your bodyboard, you will want to take the wax and streak it on your board. Don’t worry about putting too much wax on a new bodyboard. Most of it rubs off during a session. Feel free to draw a cute picture or write curse words. If you are uninspired, make zig zags. The lower half usually needs a little more wax since you slide around a lot more down there. For the upper half, cover the spot where you lay your chest to paddle plus the areas where you rest your forearms with the wax. Put some wax on the top part of your rails too. Not only does this make it easier to grab, but it also makes it easier to sit on your board during lulls in the sets.  

  3. Test run. The best way to tell if you did a good job is to get wet. Take the wax with you and paddle around for a bit. If you feel secured to the bodyboard you are done.  If you still feel like you are slipping off, rub some more on.

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