How To Wax A Car With A Buffer

You want to know how to wax your car with a buffer, but don't know where to begin. Waxing a car with a buffer gives it that extra shine and polished look, then if you were just to apply wax to your car by hand. Using a buffer to wax your car gives your car that professional appearance and helps protect your car's paint from bad whether conditions. You will save a good amount of money by waxing your car yourself, than if you went to get it done at a car detail shop. It is not easy for everyone to know how to use a buffer properly. By following some basic steps you can learn how to wax your car with a buffer, and have satisfying results.

To wax a car with a buffer you need:

  • wax
  • buffer
  • soap 
  • water
  • bucket
  • cloth towel
  1. Wash your car. Always start with a clean car for the buffer to work to its fullest potential. You want all dirt and debris removed from your car. Make sure to dry your car completely when you are done washing it.
  2. Get your car into the shade. If you have a garage, you should wax your car in the garage. Otherwise, just find a shaded area. If you wax your car in the sun the sun can ruin the wax even before you have a chance to finish it. The sun can dry up the wax way to fast and can cause for it to come out really messy.
  3. Apply the wax to your car. Use the buffer (unplugged) with the wax applicator to apply the wax to your car. Use a circular motion with little pressure when applying the wax to your car. Max sure to cover the car it in its entirely with the wax. Be careful not to over do it with the wax. Use just enough to cover the car in a thin coat. Allow the wax to fully dry.
  4. Turn on the buffer to buff your car. Remove the wax applicator from the buffer and apply the buffer cloth to the buffer pad. Plug in and turn on the buffer and begin to buff to remove the wax by using big long strokes. Avoid going in circular motion to remove the wax, this can leave unwanted streaks and marks. Don't apply a lot of pressure or force the buffer. Allow it guide you, as you support it.
  5. Enjoy your wax job. Once you are done removing all the wax, your car should have a detailed shine. If done properly, you car should look like it just came from a car detail shop. It may take a couple different times of practice before you to get your wax car job done to perfection. The more you are able to practice using a buffer the better you will get at it.
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