How To Wax A Ledge And Skateboard It

Learning how to wax a ledge and skateboard it is one of the most challenging things to do in skateboarding, but also one of the most fun. Apply enough wax to your ledge and you'll be out in the sun for hours trying to nail every variation on it you can think up. Read on for some tips on safely skateboarding on waxed ledges.

To wax a ledge and skateboard it, you will need:

  • A skateboard
  • A legal skate spot with a ledge under two feet tall
  • A helmet
  • Wax (you should be able to find skateboard wax at any skate shop, but you can also use a candle or any other kind of wax from around the house)
  1. Make sure that you are confident in ollying onto a curb. This will help you with your follow-through when attempting to grind a ledge.
  2. The amount of wax you will need depends on the kind of ledge you are skating. For a cement slab where the surface is smooth, only a minimal amount of wax is needed. For a grittier concrete ledge, much more wax is necessary.
  3. Start with the "fifty-fifty," which means that you grind the ledge with both trucks and then hop off. Approach the ledge at a 30-degree angle with your feet in ollie position, but keep your front foot farther up in the middle of the front four bolts so that you land in grind position with your shoulders squarely over your feet.
  4. Ollie and straighten out your feet to land straight on the ledge. It helps to concentrate on the positioning of your feet if you aren't getting both trucks on the ledge. Usually, if you get the back foot on, the front will follow. When you land on the ledge, also make sure that most of your trucks are on the ledge, otherwise you will slip off. At the end of your grind, lift the nose of the board and lean back slightly (do both in one motion) to dismount.
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