How To Wax Pubic Hair

Learn how to wax pubic hair here with these very simple tips. Waxing pubic hair has become popular lately due to more and more people wanting to wear a bikini to the beach. Both men and woman are seeking ways to wax the pubic hair and it is not just for beauty. Many health conscious individuals have found that waxing pubic hair is both sanitary and logical.

To wax pubic hair you will need:

  • Waxing products
  • Moisturizer
  1. Why Wax Pubic Hairs? Many men have shaved their pubic hairs for ego reasons. Some men feel their penis looks larger when they are clean shaved and no brushy hairs are surrounding their "main attribute." A clean shaved penis or vagina area is both hygienically cleaner and smooth to the touch.
  2. Ouch it is Going to Hurt.  Did you ever see the movie, "The 40 Year Old Virgin?" Well he screamed bloody murder when they waxed his chest.  Well take that pain times ten and you will know the pain of waxing pubic hairs. The first time will be very difficult, so prepare yourself.  After a few times, you will have a stronger ability to withstand the pain.
  3. Trim the Pubic Hairs First. Let the pubic hairs grow out and then with a small mustache trimmer, cut all the long hairs off. Waxing shorter hairs are easier to do. Do not cut the hairs too short though as this will make waxing more difficult. Also remember to moisturize after removing the pubic hair through waxing.
  4. Brazilian Waxing. Brazilian waxing is done in a salon and hopefully the person waxing you has had a good day. Your salon specialist will apply a thick wax solution that looks like jelly.  On top of the waxing solution, cotton strips are used and pressed into the solution. When the waxing solution dries and hardens the cotton strips are ripped quickly to remove the hair.
  5. At Home Waxing. By going to a local beauty supply shop or a pharmacy you can purchase waxing gel, quite cheaply. It is not hard to use, but you may want to have a friend or a neighbor close by. After opening the package, pull the wax in many directions and massage the gel well. Take a small portion and stretch it out over an area you want to remove hair from. Pat the gel down and then with a quick rip,pull back the gel suddenly.  Again, remember to trim the pubic hair first before beginning.
  6. Salon Waxing Compared to At-Home Waxing. As strong as you may think you are, at home waxing is not easy as it looks. It may take you several tries before you are successful. Hopefully in a salon you have a professional doing the procedure for you. A salon specialist will normally be quick and precise and will be able to alert you of any potential dangers that may occur with pubic hair waxing.
  7. Shaving Compared to Waxing. Shaving is not painful at all and is very quick. Compared to waxing, shaving will leave stubbles and not be satin smooth.  With shaving, the hair will need to be done again in around three to four days. For those who cannot stand the pain of waxing, shaving may be for them.
  8. Depilatory Creams Compared to Waxing. Depilatory creams will remove hair, but again it is not as successful as waxing. You simply apply the cream to trimmed hair and wait a few minutes and then rinse with water. Most creams do not remove all the hair on the first try and you would also be using chemicals on your private area.

Removing pubic hairs by waxing is a painful ordeal, but if done correctly, you will not need to do this again for one month.  Most women will wax after they had had their period or when they plan to go to the beach.  Both men and women who are doing waxing for beauty sake with wax often and regularly.

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