How To Wax A Skimboard

Before you slather on the sunscreen, before you hit the beach, and way before you start thrashing, make sure you know how to wax your skimboard. Without wax you’ll spend more time in the water and less time skimming across its surface! Waxing your board is quick and easy.

The only items required to wax your skimboard are:

  • Surf Wax
  • Plastic putty knife
  1. Make sure the surface of your skimboard is clean, and free of dirt, grease and old wax. Do this by exposing your board to the sun for about five minutes to heat it up. Use a plastic putty knife to scrap away the old stuff.
  2. Select the type of wax to use according to the temperature of the water. Use cold water wax when the water temperature is between 52 and 62 degrees. Use warm water wax when water temperature is between 68 and 76 degrees. Tropical wax is designed for water warmer than 77 degrees.
  3. Apply a base coat first. Cover the entire surface of your skim board with the base coat.
  4. Apply wax to your skimboard. Use the largest surface of your wax bar to rub the wax on. Apply it in small circles, using firm pressure and moving down the board until you’ve coated the entire surface.

 Tips: Apply wax in a shaded area to keep it from melting and running off the skim board.

Remove old wax by heating the skim board surface with a hair dryer if the sun isn’t strong enough.

Warnings: Never store wax in a hot area, or in direct sun.

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