How to Wax a Snowboard

Looking to learn how to wax your snowboard? Waxing your snowboard regularly is one of the best ways to maintain a long riding life, as well as improving the speed and feel of the ride, while ensuring that you get the most usage out of your board.

To wax a snowboard you will need:

  • Wax scraper
  • Old iron/speciality iron
  • Wax block 
  • Scouring pad
  1. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area before you start waxing.  Wax fumes will be quite strong.
  2. Remove old, excess wax by using a wax scraper, which you can get from any snowboarding store. Use long, vertical strokes, up and down the board to get all the wax off without being choppy. Before moving onto the next step you can take a razor or sandpaper and dull down and scratches or nicks on the board. This is not a crucial step, but recommended as it will keep your board in the best possible shape.
  3. Heat the wax. Use an old iron you no longer use for clothes or a specialty snowboard iron (available at any snowboarding store) and hold it against a block of wax. Let it drip slowly and evenly over the board. Remember, once a house hold iron has been used to wax a snowboard, it cannot be used again on clothes.
  4. Apply the iron to the board. Smooth out all the wax so it becomes a thin layer covering the entire base. Using long, smooth movements, run the iron from tip to tail covering it all in a fine, even layer of wax. Give 30 minutes for the wax to cool.
  5. Take your wax scraper and remove any excess wax off. Again, use long, smooth movements from the tip of the board to the tail. Leave a very thin layer of even wax on the snowboard.
  6. Use a scouring pad or a buffer and go over the board one last time to add overall shine. Now you can take your newly waxed snowboard and hit the slopes!



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