How To Wax XC Skis

By keeping the following tips in mind, you can learn how to wax XC skis. Waxing XC skis, or cross-country skis, properly not only ensures safety, but makes the overall experience more enjoyable. You'll have a great time skiing if you take the time to properly care for your XC skis!

  1. Use a scraper to remove salt, dirt and other debris from the bottom of your XC skis. Make sure to clean the groove of the skis with a rounded groove scraper. This should be used directionally from tip to tail.
  2. Evaluate the current weather conditions in order to choose the proper wax. Yellow wax should be used in warmer temperatures, while red, purple, blue and green should be used for more frigid weather.
  3. Heat the wax iron. Make sure the temperature of the wax iron corresponds to the proper temperature for the wax being used. Place the wax on the hot surface of the iron, and begin to slide the iron over the XC ski from tip to tail. Rewarm the iron as needed.
  4. Let the XC ski cool completely, and repeat step three up to a maximum of three more times. Make sure to let the wax cool and dry completely between each application.
  5. Use a rounded groove scraper to remove any air bubbles that may have been trapped in the groove of the ski. Next, use a scraper to do the same on all sides and surfaces of the XC skis. Scrape the skis until no wax comes off.
  6. Use a stiff nylon brush to polish the surface of the skis from tip to tail. Enjoy!



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