How To Wear Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses

Are you wondering how to wear Acuvue Toric contact lenses after wearing a different brand for several years? Or is it your first time wearing contacts? For those who have worn soft contact lenses, wearing Acuvue Toric contact lenses will be no different from what you've worn in the past. If you are new to contact lenses and have been told that you'll require toric contact lenses to correct astigmatism, don't worry. The idea that you need special lenses to correct your astigmatic problem sounds worse than what it is. It doesn't mean you'll lose your vision, or that there is anything seriously wrong other than a difference in how your eyes focus. Once you realize that there isn't anything drastically unusual about wearing this type of lens, you'll find it is as easy to wear Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses as any other.

To wear Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses you will need:

  • Contact lens case
  • Contact lens soaking and cleaning solution
  • A mirror
  • Hand soap and water
  • A clean towel
  1. Wash your hands. Anytime you handle your contact lenses, be certain to wash your hands thoroughly so as to not introduce foreign bacteria in the eye. Dry with a clean towel so that your fingers are not overly wet when handling the contact lenses.
  2. Remove the Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses from the case. Get in the habit of rinsing the lens with the all purpose solution suitable for contact lenses or saline.
  3. Place the contact lens on the middle finger of your dominant hand. Inspect the lens for any tears or defects and make certain that it is not inside out. If it is on the correct side, the lens will be cupped like a bowl. If inside out, the edges of the lens will flare slightly outward.
  4. Pull down on your lower lid. Using your index finger of your dominant hand, gentle pull down on the lower lid of your right eye. The contact lens should still be seated on your middle finger.
  5. Pull up the upper lid. Reaching over with your opposite hand, gently pull up on the upper lid of your right eye. At this point your eyeball should be fully exposed.
  6. Place the Acuvue Toric lens on your eye. Touch the contact lens to your eye and slowly move your finger away. Move your eye, with the lens on it, up and down, side to side before slowly allowing your eyes to close. The slow movement of your eye will help the contact lens to settle and reduce the risk of it popping out when you blink.
  7. Insert the next contact lens. If everything feels comfortable with the right eye, repeat the process with your left eye. Once you've inserted the Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses, blink both eyes gently and take a look around. If there is discomfort, you may have inserted the lenses inside out, in which case you'll need to remove, rinse and reinsert the one that is troubling you.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Your Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses may rotate when you blink or move your eye to swiftly. Because of the nature of this type of lens, it is normal for this to occasionally occur. However, if the lenses are rotating to the point that it is troublesome or constant let your eye doctor know. The contact lenses may be to large and might need to be refit.
  • Acuvue Toric lenses are made with a blue tint for easy location if you should accidentally drop one.
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