How To Wear Air Jordans

You want to know to wear Air Jordans, because they're not just for the basketball court anymore. The Air Jordan brand has expanded since its inception in 1985. Air Jordans started out as a cool basketball shoe for one of the best players in the world. Kids all over the country wanted the shoe because they wanted to "Be Like Mike" on the basketball court. As Michael Jordan's dominance on the court grew, so did the popularity of the Air Jordan shoes. As his talent and fame rose to the stratosphere so did the popularity and the want for the shoe that borrowed his name. Over the years, the the Air Jordan shoe was the choice of the novice and pro ball player alike. But, just has Michael Jordan's fame has stretched a lot further than the basketball court, the Air Jordan was destined to move into other realms as well. Air Jordans aren't just considered the best shoes to wear on the court, but also some of the most stylish shoes to rock on the streets. So, what's the correct way to wear Air Jordans?

  1. On the court. Air Jordans are still the "it" shoe to have, despite the fact that Michael Jordan hasn't played since 2003. They are a superbly constructed shoe and hold up well during grueling basketball contests. The only specification as far as how to wear these joints on the court. For safety purposes, the high top versions of the shoe are better than the low tops. The shoe should be laced all the way to the top to help prevent any severe ankle injuries. The Air Jordans come in so many styles and colors that matching your shoes with a basketball outfit is simple. The lighter colored Air Jordans look better than the darker versions.
  2. On the street. Air Jordans are the perfect footwear compliment to any pair of jeans. As previously stated, there are so many colors out there, you'll have no problem matching your Jordans with tee shirts and jeans. You can also pull of the collared shirt and jeans combo with a cool pair of Jordans. Everyone likes a pair of clean white based Jordans with the colors on the trim of the shoes for casual wear.
  3. No Nos. Air Jordans don't look good with suits. We've all seen Hip Hop superstars rocking sneakers with suits but lets be realistic fellas, it looks stupid. Air Jordans are a casual shoe when not on the basketball court. Period. You can wear them with cargo pants, and jeans, and certain shorts. Leave the dress pants alone.
  4. So Many. There are so many styles to choose from you literally have an unlimited well of shoes to choose from. Nike has even decided to bring all of the retro Air Jordans back on the market. Retro Air Jordans are the hot trend right now. You'll see lots of people throwing together outfits where the Retro shoe is the centerpiece. Retro Jordans are the coolest shoes out right now, and they're very easy to match up to your street style.
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