How To Wear Argyle

If you consider yourself a fashionable individual, then you need to know how to wear argyle. Argyle is a very timeless and sometimes underrated pattern. We often see it as "dorky" or "stiff". That is far from the truth (if and only if you know how to wear it correctly). This pattern can make you look either super professional or super corny. Take these ideas into consideration before you pick up anything with that infamous diamond pattern.

  1. Only wear argyle on the top half of your body. Don't ever in your life have argyle pants and an argyle top on at the same time. It's better to advise you to never wear argyle pants! If you decide to go against the grain and wear an argyle uniform, you'll probably give someone a headache from eye strain and a good laugh.
  2. Wear an argyle sweater with khaki chinos.   Chinos are pants and khaki is a color. If you are not sure if the pants you're eyeing are chinos, just get them anyway. The words khakis and chinos are sometimes used interchangeably. Pairing a bold argyle pattern with solid pants make your outfit simultaneously subtle and bold .
  3. Pair an argyle vest with a solid colored polo or button up shirt. Since an argyle vest lacks sleeves, people will see what you have underneath it. It's not wise to wear the free t-shirt you got from that concert ten ears ago under an argyle vest. Compliment this piece with a solid colored polo shirt or a solid colored button up. Make sure you have on solid colored pants, preferably khaki chinos (as previously mentioned).
  4. Pastels are best. When choosing an argyle patterned piece, it is best to get something with soft, pastel colors. Neon and dark colors will add some extra pop to your outfit.
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