How To Wear A Belt Buckle

You can learn how to wear a belt buckle especially if you are not used to one. Belt buckles are useful for when you need to hold up your pants. They also are fashionable if you want to show off a belt buckle that is hip and trendy. Keep one in your closet in case you ever lose weight and cannot afford a new pair of jeans.

To wear a belt buckle, you will need:

  • Belt
  • Mirror
  • Jeans with belt loops
  1. Put on a pair of jeans. Pick out a pair of jeans in your closet that have generous size belt loops. These belts loops will make it easy to slip a belt buckle into them. Stand in front of the mirror and slip your thumbs through the belt loops to see if there is enough room for your belt.
  2. Find a belt that you want to wear. Starting at either of your hips, place the belt through your jean’s loops. Turn around while looking in the mirror to make sure that your belt is in all the belt loops.
  3. Clasp your belt. Put the knob through one of the belt buckle holes. Usually, you can tell which hole will secure your belt.
  4. Slide the belt through the clasp. Once it is in the appropriate hole, you want to slide the belt’s end through the clasp. Last, slide it through the belt’s loops. Your belt buckle should now be in place.
  5. Look in the mirror to see if the belt fits you correctly. If not, repeat steps three to four for clasping your belt. If it is, then you have learned how to wear a belt buckle.
  6. Tuck your shirt a little in the front. Show off your belt buckle especially if it is a trendy one. This look is appropriate with a jeans and a tee shirt.  
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