How To Wear A Belt

They can either make or break what you wear, so it is important to know how to wear a belt. Belts, literally, have the ability to hold your pants up or let them fall. Buy different belts and use them for different occasions. Use a belt because you need one. Use a belt because you want to use one.

To wear a belt you’ll need:

  • Belt
  • Garment with loops
  1. Pick up the belt. Take the belt in your hand and make sure that the surface is not facing you. So many times a person will put their belt on only to realize that the outside is facing in and visa versa.
  2. Position the belt. Use your right hand to hold the front of the belt, where the belt buckle is, and with your left hand hold the tail end of the belt. The tail end of the belt should be the end nearest your waist.
  3. Put the belt through the first loop. Using you primary purpose hand take the end of the tail of the belt and begin placing it through the first loop and your pants. This is easier if you use your other hand to hold wide the loop on the pants.
  4. Keep pushing the belt through the loops. Continue looping the belt all the way around your waist. Using both hands to carefully guide the belt into the loops will prevent any loops from going unused.
  5. Buckle the belt. Place the tail end of the belt through the belt’s buckle securing your pants. Traditional belts have a metal prong, place the prong through the hole on your belt’s tail that feels comfortable but will also keep your pants up.
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