How To Wear Blazer Casually

If you own a blazer and you want to get more use out of it, you may be wondering how to wear a blazer casually. Wearing a blazer casually can certainly be done with style if you know what you're doing. By adding the right clothing and accessories, you can have a look that can go from business to a dinner out with ease.

  1. Wear the blazer over a T-shirt. You can use a plain T-shirt, a vintage T-shirt or a graphic T-shirt that isn't too busy. This is a great way to use the blazer over a more casual piece.
  2. Wear the blazer with jeans. In addition to the T-shirt, you should wear a good looking pair of jeans. The jeans should have a good fit and should be dark washed and modern looking.
  3. Wear sandals or regular tennis shoes. If you are not a fan of the "man-dal," you can always wear a blazer casually with a pair of clean, good looking tennis shoes. This is a look that says, "I may be laid back, but I know how to dress."
  4. Wear it over a plain white button up dress shirt. Even though you are wearing the blazer with a dress shirt, you can create a casual look by leaving the top two buttons undone and not wearing a tie. Pair this outfit with jeans and you are good to go.

By using these tips, you can wear your blazer casually with ease. Just take good care of your blazer and keep it clean and you should be able to wear it casually for years to come.



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