How To Wear Boots With Jeans

Wearing boots with jeans is a great look that any man can pull off. Every style of boot works well with denim and because the two can be worn with anything, it makes putting together the rest of the outfit simple.

  1. Are you going to tuck the jeans into your boots? If so, it is less important what pair of jeans you wear. Because the bottom of the leg will be tucked in, it doesn't matter if the pants are a little long, or what type of cut the jeans are.
  2. Choose the right style of jeans to wear with boots. Boot cut jeans are made to wear on the outside of boots. They ensure that there is plenty of room at the end of the pant leg for the boot to fit inside. Some relaxed fit jeans will also work for wearing boots on the outside. Be sure to avoid jeans that have a tapered leg as this makes the jeans uncomfortable to wear.
  3. Be sure the inseam is long enough. You don't want to be wearing pair of boots with jeans that are too short. Take into consideration that the boots may add a little height and so you may want to choose a longer inseam than usual.  Be sure that after covering the boot, at the very back of your foot, the hem of the pants is at least touching to sole of the boot.
  4. Pair the boots and jeans with just about anything. From a t-shirt to a dress shirt, the jean/boot combination will look great. Wearing boots with jeans makes you look like you put thought into your clothes, while still maintaining a casual feel.
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