How To Wear Cage Fighting Gloves

If you want to be a cage fighter then one important thing you need to learn, how to wear cage fighter gloves. Cage fighter gloves are a mandatory piece of gear for the cage fighter. The cage fighter gloves are for the benefit of the fighter and his opponent. Learning the proper way to wear the gloves will make them effective. If you are a cage fighter want to be, pay attention to this article as it will tell you the key components to fitting cage fighter gloves properly. Working your standup with proper fitted cage fighter gloves will make things run smoothly. Cage fighting is a fast paced and exciting fight scheme. Cage fighting is a form of the popular mixed martial arts venue. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out some cage fighting and you are reading this article out of curiosity, check it out. Cage fighting offers some of the best fighter in the business of mixed martial arts. Learning how the cage fighter gloves are suppose to fit is your first step towards stardom.

  1. Try on a pair of cage fighter gloves. You can use any manufacturer or style you want to begin. The fitting process will introduce you to various styles. It will help you determine the style that best suits you.
  2. Cage fighter gloves should fit snug. The knuckles should be covered by padding and come just below the fist knuckles. The back of the hand should be covered. The palm may or not be covered, this is a personal choice.
  3. The cage fighter glove should wrap around the wrist. The wrap will come to just below the wrist. The wrap will generally be Velcro. This will be reinforced by sports tape. Fit must be comfortable for the fighter but provide sturdy support and protection.
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