How To Wear A Camel Hair Coat

Just made an extravagant purchase and you're wondering how to wear a camel hair coat? Don't worry, because with these tips, anyone, even those who can't figure out why people they've never met in their lives seem to think their name is Poindexter McNerderton, can pull off a swank style offensive that makes fashion week look like amateur night. You will need:

  • A camel hair coat in any cut or trim you fancy.
  • Self-confident style sense.
  • Swagger


  1. Procuring your camel hair coat may take some doing if you are an odd size, but it's important not to settle for a mismatch, even a close one. Camel hair coats are warm enough that any poor size judgements you make will only get more uncomfortable as time goes on, so get yours personally fitted if you can.
  2. Prepare undergarments using self confident style. This does not mean simply pay attention to your underwear, rather remember that a camel hair coat is among the finest of topcoats. Make sure the camel's brave sacrifice was not in vain by only allowing your finest fancy shirts to go along with it. Avoid clashing patterns and stick to basic tones. If you absolutely must wear sneakers or ratty jeans, make sure you've got the whole hipster thing going, and not just a vagrant sort of look. For a traditional look, you can't fail with wool trousers, a button-down shirt and a wool sweater.
  3. Put your coat on. Even the most playerlistic players are nothing but scrubs who can't get none without their gear. Make sure you don't forget the coat at home, as it kind of completes your well-chosen ensemble, and also because you might get cold in just that dress shirt.
  4. Engage swagger. Striding about in a camel hair coat without an affected pimp-limp or other appropriate stride modification is downright foolish. You've checked your style basics, now wear that coat like only you were born to. Look people directly in the eyes and if they ask to touch your glorious camel hair topcoat, make them show you a clean pair of hands first.
  5. Accessorize. Camel hair topcoats and sportcoats bring a classic sense of high style to any outfit, so pocket kerchiefs, scarves tossed to the side with wild abandon and hats with a rakish tilt are all totally fair game.
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