How To Wear A Cardigan: Men

The cardigan is one of the most versatile and classy pieces in a man's wardrobe, but few men know how to wear a cardigan. Specifically, they do not know how to style that cardigan they bought on a whim. Styled right, a cardigan on a man can give a look of effortless sophistication. Never fear, here are a few ways to wear a cardigan.

One way to wear a cardigan is the formal way. Pair your cardigan with dress pants and a dress shirt.  This ensemble is fashionable and classy, while not looking too dressy.  In addition, there are many different ways you can change this look up. If your cardigan is v-neck, add a tie underneath for a twist on this look.  For a really funky look, add an eccentric bowtie instead of a regular tie. This style looks great in monochromatic colors,or, for another added twist, pair your outfit with a brightly colored cardigan. To add a preppy vibe to this outfit, roll up the sleeves of both your cardigan and your dress shirt to your forearm or elbow.

The second way to wear a cardigan is a bit more casual. Instead of dress pants, opt for a pair of slim-fitting, tailored jeans and a white t-shirt under your cardigan.  If you want a little more interest to this outfit, wear a brightly colored, plain or graphic tee instead of the basic white one.

One thing to always remember when wearing cardigans is to keep the bottom button unbuttoned. However, this is just a formality; fashion is all about taking risks. Also, regardless of which way you wear a cardigan, you should make sure to wear thinner, lighter fabrics so you do not appear bulky. Now that you have the tools, go out and rock how you wear a cardigans!

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