How To Wear A Cummerbund

Learning how to wear a cummerbund gives you an alternative to wearing a vest or waist coat. Before choosing your cummerbund you want to consider what event you'll be attending. If you are unsure of what color to wear, it is best to choose a black cummerbund. The cummerbund represents an accessory and is not meant to be a center of attention, so choose wisely.

You will need:

  • High waisted trousers or pants
  • Appropriate colored cummerbund
  • Dress shirt
  • Tie
  • Mirror
  1. Dress in your shirt and pants. Make sure your shirt is completely buttoned and tucked into your pants. 
  2. Lay out the cummerbund onto a flat surface and stretch out some of the pleats and frills. Stretching the cummerbund before you put it on will ensure it doesn't have a frilly look to it and it's not adding any unintentional pounds.
  3. Wrap around your waist with the pleats facing up. Attaching the cummerbund with the pleats facing up gives you a more slimming look and makes you appear taller.
  4. Secure the cummerbund in the back. Some cummerbunds have a ribbon and some have a buckle. Simply tie the ribbon or hook the buckle to secure it in place.
  5. Put on your tie. Double check to see that the tie matches the cummerbund you have chosen.
  6. Put on your coat. Your suit coat finishes off your look and allows you to see if the cummerbund is in the right place.
  7. Double check your look in the mirror. You don't want to look tacky when you wear a cummerbund. Make sure you do not see any waistline between the cummerbund and your pants. Ensure that the cummerbund goes over the shirt and under the coat.



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