How To Wear A Cup

If you plan on taking part in any kind of sport, you need to know how to wear a cup correctly. An athletic cup is a hard plastic shell intended to provide a protective covering for the groin. Even typical non-contact sports can have fast moving objects that can cause serious, even permanent, damage to the testicles, so you should find out how to properly wear a cup before taking part in any sports.

  1. Find the proper sized cup. Athletic cups come in a variety of sizes for boys, youth and men. If you shop in a proper sporting goods store, an employee will be able to help with finding the correct size. It's important that the cup fit snugly against your genitals. If it moves around on impact, it can cause severe pain or injury.
  2. Use a supportive device to hold the cup in place. Choose a support that has a pouch custom made to hold the cup. There are several choices available, with a jockstrap being the most common. But, you can also choose from briefs or compression shorts that have similar pouches made in. If you use this type of device, do not wear briefs underneath.
  3. If you prefer, you can use a jockstrap that is made to go over briefs. In this case, the cup goes on the outside of the briefs, then the jockstrap is used to hold the cup in place. As with the cup, make sure that you use the right size. A jockstrap that is too big will allow movement of the cup, which can lead to injury. For the same reason, a jockstrap should be discarded when the straps lose their elasticity.

Use of a cup is a simple measure that should be practiced by any athletically active man or boy. Protect yourself during active sports by knowing how to use a cup correctly.

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