How To Wear Cycling Shorts

Are you wondering how to wear cycling shorts? Cycling shorts come in various styles including bib and baggy. These shorts are made of blends of fabric such as lycra or nylon spandex for comfort and movability.

  1. Try on the cycling shorts before purchase. Sizing is different with different manufacturers. Make sure to purchase the best fit for your body.
  2. Comfort and function are the main reasons for buying cycling shorts. Squat into the bikers positions while trying on the cycling shorts you intend to purchase to set how they will fit. Remember the shorts are meant to compress the legs to combat muscle fatigue.
  3. Purchase an eight panel short. These are higher end biking shorts. If your budget will not allow for the eight panel, price the six panel shorts next.
  4. Choose cycling shorts that have a lack of seams in the crotch area. This helps to prevent chaffing.
  5. Do not wear underwear with cycling shorts. These padded shorts were designed to be worn against the skin.
  6. Wear cycling shorts only while riding your bike. Cycling shorts were designed to be worn for cycling duration only.
  7. Bib style cycling shorts are used to keep the shorts in place. The bib style shorts keep the chamois or synthetic material in the correct area better.
  8. Baggy style cycling shorts are lined shorts. These are worn for social acceptance as they do not appear to be as body hugging.

Make sure to wash your cycling shorts after each use with a mild detergent free of scents, bleaches (bleach alternatives) and dyes. Air dry.

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