How To Wear A Desert Scarf

Learn about how to wear a desert scarf. Scarf's seem to be one of the raging fashions at this time. From Kanye's folded in half scarf to the desert scarf. Now scarf's are really just not a style for women,  since men change the fold to make a masculine look. Now you can try this masculine desert scarf look too. Try this fold on the next scarf you get for a trendy look.

  1. To start the desert scarf look. Lay a square-shaped scarf down in front of you. Fold the scarf in half so it has a triangular shape to it. Take the scarf from this folded position and take the corners around your neck. Pull them slightly around each other and keep pulling them to opposite sides. Gently pull the scarf and adjust how it is folded until you like how it looks.
  2. A temporary trend. This desert scar fold is not too difficult to do, and who knows how long the trend will last. Scarf trends only last for so long. Another cool thing to do to personalize wearing your scarf this temporarily trendy way, is to add your own touch to the fold. A good way to do that is to look in the mirror while you are messing around with the folding of your desert scarf fold. Come up with an awesome looking fold and some of your friends will try it out too or you're going to been seen a more of an individual –  which is good.
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