How To Wear Earbuds

It's important to know how to wear earbuds to get the most enjoyment from them. It's also important to wear earbuds the right way to safely protect your hearing while enjoying listening to music. If earbuds are inserted too deep in the ear canal, the ears can be damaged while wearing earbuds. With all of the great options available like iPods and MP3 players to listen to music today, consider finding the right earbuds that work best for you.

To wear earbuds, you will need:

  • Earbuds
  • iPod or MP3 player or other device to listen to music or radio
  1. Identify the correct earbud for the correct ear. Each earbud is marked left or right. Find the correct earbud for the correct ear so the sound is distributed appropriately and the earbuds fit your ear canal correctly.
  2. Place the earbuds in each ear. Read the manufacturer's directions and place each earbud in the correct ear. Push the earbud in the ear canal enough so it stays in place, but don't push it in so far that they are deep in the ear canal. If the earbuds are not worn correctly, they can fall out or the music can sound distorted.
  3. Listen to music. Make sure the earbuds are seated correctly in your ears by listening to some music. Adjust the earbuds so they are comfortable and so the sound of the music or audio sounds its best.

Tip:  If you're unable to find earbuds that stay in your ears, consider buying a pair with a hook that fits over your ear to stabilize the earbud in place.

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