How To Wear Field Hockey Goggles

Learning how to properly wear field hockey goggles can be the difference between receiving and injury or not. Field hockey goggles are an important piece of gear for the player. The field hockey goggle protects the player from eye injuries brought on by the ball, filed hockey stick and debris. Field hockey is a faced paced game with loads of action. There are sticks flying and balls rocketing from one end of the field to the other. The field hockey goggles are there to protect. Proper placement of the field hockey goggles will provide the necessary protection. Field hockey goggles can also be an individual statement from the player. Just be careful not to breach any league rules.

How to properly wear field hockey goggles:

Things you will need:

  • Field hockey goggles
  1. Place the goggles over your head. The goggles should fit snug over the eyes. The nose indent will rest on the bridge of your nose. The fit should be comfortable but snug. Pull back on the strap at the back of your head. There should be very little give.
  2. Any head moment should leave the goggles unaffected. Use the adjustable strap to improve the fit. Use your fingers around the perimeter to make sure there are no gaps. The lack of space will reduce the amount of air, thus reducing the possibility of fogging or eye irritants entering.


  • it is a good idea to purchase two pair. Look for clear and tinted goggles to cover most situations.

As field hockey builds in popularity, the gear available will expand. This means there will be a greater selection of goggles. As more manufacturers dive into the process the better the product and the greater the availability. This important piece of gear, the protective goggle will certainly me a target market.

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