How To Wear Football Forearm Pads

Learning how to properly wear forearm pads in football is a wonderful idea. The football forearm pad is built light but specifically cushioned for the forearm. Proper placement for a forearm pad is a must if you want to get the benefit from this pad. It seems more players are looking for ways to get out of wearing pads to assist them in skill moves. Perhaps, but the forearm pad is one of those essential pads for skill players such as fullbacks and linebackers.

Football is an American sport, some may argue but really doubt they’d win. The sport is also very vicious and brutally demanding. Even pick-up games can quickly turn into testosterone events. If you are a serious player, pads are what you need to maintain high impact and octane levels.

What you will need:

  • Football forearm pads
  1. Football forearm pads are really a simple operation. The pad is made up of a pad and an elastic armband. This keeps the pad in place and the cushion at the right point for greatest protection.
  2. Place your hand through the open spot between the pad and elastic band. Face the cushion outward as not to interfere with the handling of the ball. With the back of your hand outward, line the cushion up with the back of your hand.
  3. Position the padding between the elbow and wrist. The bulk of the coverage should be close to the wrist and the elbow. Ensure a snug fit by letting your arm down and shaking it. The forearm pad should not slip.
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