How To Wear A Football Hip Pad

Trying to figure out how o wear a football hip pad? Football hip pads are another unwanted piece of padding but require a little know how to wear. Football hip pads can be intrusive to the skill position player. Football hip pads can feel bulky and binding when trying to make skill moves. Football hip pads however provide added protection for a vulnerable area, the hip. There are two types of hip pads as well. This article will touch on both. Hip pointers are a painful and all too common injury that the football hip pads can aid in preventing. Proper placement of the football hip pad on you hips is important. Thus, learning how to wear them properly is vital. Look over the process below to learn the proper fitting of football hip pads.

  1. Wearing football hip pads is a simple process of placing the hip pads in the proper and comfortable position. The football hip had should fit snug around the waist. Tie the pad snuggly around the hip or belt line.
  2. The pad extensions will rise above the hip about six to ten inches. This portion of the hip pad will also extend above the football pants. The other types of hip pads are three pieces of separate padding.
  3. These types of hip pads require football pants with the proper hip sleeve inserts already fitted to the pants. Football pants without these ‘pockets’ do not fit properly and often fall out. There are three pieces to the hip pad set, two hip guards and a tailbone pad insert.
  4. To properly wear these pads, simply insert them into the fitted pockets in the pants. The pads will be a tight fit, as they should be. This will keep them from falling out during play. Either set will do the trick, it is just a matter of preference.
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