How To Wear G-Star Clothing

You can learn how to wear G-Star clothing by taking a few things in mind.  G-Star RAW clothing is a Dutch clothing company specializing in urban styles.  Take the following considerations into account to learn how to wear G-Star clothing.

  1. Go with the jeans and shirt look.  G-Star is known for the jeans they make, with their RAW denim that is unwashed an untreated.  One classic look using this type of clothing is going simple.  Pair some jeans with a t-shirt or other type of shirt for an easy look.  This is right in G-Star's comfort zone, with the urban look.
  2. Dressing up G-Star.  As the clothing line concentrates rather heavily on the previous point, you may think it is difficult to dress up G-Star clothes.  However, G-Star makes dress shirts and other clothes that are appropriate to dress up a little bit.  Pair a nicer looking pair of jeans with a sharp dress shirt to achieve this look.
  3. Mix it up.  G-Star clothing is perfect for mixing up different styles of shirts and jeans.  It's actually quite difficult to put together a bad looking outfit.  Don't worry about matching colors or other concerns.  This is the beauty in this type of clothing, where urban clothing can easily be put together for new outfits.  Take advantage of the different types of jeans in which G-Star specializes, and throw it with a favorite G-Star shirt for a look that can dressed up or down.  It's not that difficult to pull off a great look with the many options available with G-Star clothing.
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